About Me

Hey you, thanks so much for stopping by my website.

I’m originally from the Bay Area where I grew up a diehard sports fan. To me there’s nothing better than kicking back at home watching my 49ers score touchdowns, the Giants hit Home Runs, and my Warriors setting records. I LOVE food and LOVE to cook, I’m always in the kitchen making something to eat for myself and the family.

People always ask me what I do for fun, for starters I don’t drink, smoke, or party! Instead I enjoy going to the gym, engaging with my fans on social media every day, and traveling! I’ve been focused on my modeling and acting career for several years now, and I love what I do. I’m a confident woman who know’s what she wants out of life, and is willing to make things happen on her own without any help from anyone.

If you ever see me out in public, don’t hesitate to say hi, you just might end up on my SnapChat! Enjoy my website, take a look at my new store, and check out these 10 fun facts about me below, love ya! – Laci Kay

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I sleep with a fan in my face
  2. I’m scared of the dark
  3. The only red meat I’ll eat, is In N Out Burger
  4. I love my family
  5. I Netflix and Chill all the time
  6. I love guys with tattoos and a sense of humor
  7. I’m very competitive
  8. I love to cuddle
  9. I’m a registered Nurse
  10. I’m obsessed with Cookies N’ Cream Frozen Yogurt


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