Annual Calendar – 2018

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Order my brand new 2018 calendar now! This is definitely my favorite calendar to date and you’re going to love it!

Each calendar is personally autographed by me, I can also add a personal message if you want!

Hurry and get yours before they sell out, limited quantities!  XoXo Laci Kay Somers

  • Each Calendar is personally signed by Me 🙂
  • 13 Months included (December 2017-December 2018)
  • Amazing Quality, Stunning Images, Limited Edition
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72 reviews for Annual Calendar – 2018

  1. Andy Randall

    Laci is always awesome!! I can’t wait to buy the calendar.

  2. Roberto Sotomayor

    Is impossible not to buy this Calendar, Laci Kay Somers is today the reference as internet based, fitness Coach and Model

  3. Avery Watts

    Fantastic start for your very first calendar!!

  4. Jesse

    Very good

  5. James barrett

    I like the calendars and all the hard work you put into your business.

  6. michael

    She is always so sexy

  7. Lorenzo

    Surprise me

  8. Hector

    Can you sign the calendar for me ?

  9. SenZei

    Awesome looking lady with a great personality.

  10. clecius reis ??

    So how do I order your calendar for me? I love you and I want your calendar.

  11. abdallah

    Love laci

  12. Patrick

    You are the best

  13. Patrick

    You’re the best

  14. Konstantinos miaris

    Super cool

  15. Konstantinos miaris

    Super cool laci

  16. Omar hernandez (verified owner)

    Your an amazing model
    Love your stuff ?

  17. john

    I wanna this because i love you

  18. Einar

    Amazing photos ?

  19. Alex Storey

    How do I add my Snapchat name on the checkout?

  20. Kevin

    I love you and this page. My dream is to meet you but i can’t i live in Norway you know

  21. David A. Skopec

    What a gorgeous woman you are! Good luck on your calendar! From what I’v seen it captures your inner beauty!

  22. Roberto González

    Most beautiful baby

  23. Roberto González

    You are beautiful baby

  24. Robert Atkins

    Your are so HOT!! Laci!! Your a perfect 10! I’m getting the calendar and signed photo for my second living room which is more like my Sports Room filled with Autographed Sports Memorabilia and my model friends. I hope you get some more of you sexy hot photo’s to sell so I can add them to my gym (I have a very large home to fill lol)..peace out Love ??? lol.

  25. Sal

    Hey (: your a strong smart sexy woman wish I was your husband

  26. Dylan

    Shes amazing 🙂

  27. Dylan

    shes so gorgeous and lives it up! keep on going laci your stunning 🙂

  28. Isaac Zamora

    Very nice calendar

  29. Erik T

    Looks like it’s going to be a great calendar beautiful

  30. Erik

    Is it going to be the great calendar when I get it .

  31. mohamed

    You’re so beautiful laci!! Like a star that shines in space among several

  32. Harneet Gujral

    Love it

  33. Yahay

    You are amezing girl?

  34. Aidan nick

    I will get one for sure

  35. Sumit

    Hi mi join

  36. Sumit

    U r burayi full I love you

  37. Josie (verified owner)

    For those who have pre-ordered the calendar, do you know when they will be sent out? Hoping to give it to my bf by Christmas!
    Thank you!

  38. B (verified owner)

    Got this as a gift for my bf hoping he loves it just wondering when it will ship

  39. Troy Langford

    Laci is such a beautiful woman and loves her fans! Love how she notices us! This calendar is one of the best!!

  40. Troy Langford

    She is such a beautiful woman this is a must have!!

  41. Troy Langford

    Such a beautiful woman! This calendar is a must have!

  42. Josiah

    Be my wife!!! ASAP

  43. April (verified owner)

    I just got this calendar it is so amazing my boyfriend loves it

  44. Pablo Pacheco


  45. Bennie Morris

    Beautiful presentation

  46. fod19000

    she is so sexy ,i just cant’wait to get this calender

  47. akash

    You are soo beautiful…?

  48. Jason Hawk

    Please write” Jason,You Know I’m The One Who Holds Your Heart “XOXOXOXO, Laci Kay Somers

  49. ri1984ce (verified owner)

    I just bought the 2018 calendar and I can’t wait until it comes in. I have the 2017 and that was sexy but I know this one will be even sexier????

  50. Jose aka ghost


  51. Omar Hernandez (verified owner)

    Love your Calendar Laci your the best!
    Xoxo ❤️

  52. Onebird

    You are sexy and beautiful woman I would be with

  53. Abbas

    Love ❤️

  54. Kaàaaan

    So fucking hot

  55. Kaàaaan

    Soooo good

  56. Carlito

    Super amaizing godess! Lovely calendar congratulations!!

  57. Balthazar Landeros (verified owner)

    You’re the most Beautiful woman in the world. The woman of my dreams. Order #24055

  58. umar shaikh

    hot pic sexy girl ????

  59. Balthazar Landeros (verified owner)

    Nice calendar..My admiration and respect for you.

  60. Allen Lobe

    You are Always Looking Very Amazingly Healthy Fabulously Stunningly Beautiful with Every Picture you take, Thank You for Sharing your Beauty with us. ????????????????

  61. Allen Lobe

    You are Always Looking Very Amazingly Healthy Fabulously Stunningly Beautiful with Every Picture you take, Thank You for Sharing your Beauty with us. ???????????????? XOXOXO

  62. David Hernandez

    Hey Laci have enjoyed your pics for sometime now.
    Your persona and humbleness are so appreciated. Thank you for being you and real. Incredalicious is the best way to describe you. Wishing you so much success.

  63. Ray

    Hi i like your calendar

  64. Clarence

    You are an amazing woman. Keep up the great work. ?

  65. Prem

    Awesome photos

  66. Khaseem

    Ur soo beauty and I need ur calendar

  67. Khaseem

    I love u babe I need ur calendar


    How can I buy it in India.

  69. DeathScythe

    Your calendar arrived Christmas eve. I waited until Christmas to open it though. It was the best present I got and I love it. The pictures are GREAT and HD.

  70. Rinku

    Damm super hot

  71. Balthazar Landeros (verified owner)

    I received your calendar a few days ago. It’s fantástic. Beautiful pictures. Thank you

  72. Heriberto zavala

    Hi, you are very beautifull!

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